Amazing Facts about the universe

  • The Sun is always losing weight in fact Scientists have worked out that it loses  around 4 Million tonnes every second, this is the amount of hydrogen gas that the sun turns into energy every second.

  • The universe extents from the Earth for at least 10 Billion Light Years and its probably still expanding.

  • A Human being living on Neptune would never live for one "Neptune Year". The Neptune Year is the time it takes Neptune to travel once around the sun.(165 Earth Days)

  • From Edge To Edge the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across.  

  • The Moon is moving slowly away from the Earth at the rate of 3cm per year.  

  • Every Star would explode if the Gravity did not hold its material together.  

  • If the Sun became a Black Hole, it would be only a few kilometers across but it could swallow the Earth.